On occasion I cannot get dog and livestock in the same frame, so I take multiple shots at that moment and blend them together in Photoshop to preserve the current scene.  This results in a panoramic sized image.  When ordering physical prints of a panoramic image, please select the size that best fits the aspect ratio (proportions) under the "panoramic" category of print sizes.  When ordering digital downloads, no change is necessary.   Thank you for understanding and your interest in my photos!!  ~Dianne


Because I am not using flash for indoor events, the camera compensates the best it can with a high ISO while I use the widest possible F-stop to achieve the best quality image in this situation.  I am also running all edited photos through another program to "de-noise" them (get rid of sensor noise).  The result is a better image for a low light situation, although not as clean as any outdoor shot.  Just a little camera/processing geekiness for you.  😉 ~Dianne

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